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Clean Out the Fridge Juice

Yep, you read it right.  Today I took odds and ends, leftover produce and put it through the juicer.  I am cleaning out the fridge while I give myself a nutrition boost.  Give this one a try – it tasted great!  With all those greens, it is packed with protein, phytonutrients, calcium, enzymes and more.

The Juice Recipe

  • 1 bunch spinach
  • 1 red pepper
  • 3 chard leaves
  • 1 large cucumber
  • 1 green apple
  • 2 Fuji apples
  • 1 (1-inch) piece leek
  • 1/2 bunch parsley
  • 1 small zucchini
  • 1 (1-inch) piece ginger
  • several asparagus spears
  • 4 Kale leaves
  • 1/4 head green cabbage
  • 1 broccoli stem

1. Cut into pieces and put through a juicer.

Luv ya!

Popeye’s Great Green Juice

Ready for another Green Juice?  Well, this one is truly Great!  Popeye would pop open that can of spinach and gulp it down thus producing those bulging muscles that would inevitably help him save the day!  Popeye loved his spinach but, he’ll have nothing on you if you drink this juice. You may not instantly produce bulging muscles but, I’m sure your muscles will appreciate the dose of vitamins and protein that you will give them with this juice that is packed with nutrients.  You will agree that the veggies that go into this juice are beautifully great as well.

 Great Green Juice

  • 1 bunch spinach
  • 1 cucumber, quartered lengthwise
  • 1 green apple
  • 6 carrots
  • 1 (1-inch) piece ginger
  • Several kale stems

Juice all ingredients in a juicer and gulp it down, making Popeye proud.

Luv ya.


“Got It All” Juice

Want a juice that has “Got it All?”  This one is great for fasting for several days or feasting for one day just to give your digestive system a break and pump up the nutrition.

“Got It All” Juice

Yield: 6 cups, that’s enough for an entire day

  • 2 cups chopped green or red cabbage (about 1/2 head)
  • 1 bunch, kale greens (about 16 leaves)
  • 6 carrots
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 bunch parsley
  • 1/2 cup coarsely shopped broccoli stalks
  • 1 beet (plus beet greens)
  • 4 small red radishes
  • 1 (1-inch) piece fresh ginger
  • 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice (1 lemon)
  • 8 celery stalks
  • 4-6 cups purified or Kangen water

Juice all ingredients except lemon juice, adding celery last.  Stir in the lemon juice.  Dilute the juice with an equal amount of water.  Store in the refrigerator to drink throughout the day.

Thanks Jenny for your recipe in “Raw Food Made Easy.”

Drink up so that you will have great health and be able to say that you have “Got It All!”

Luv ya!

Green, Green

Want yet another juice to try?  Try this green juice that tastes great as well.  Green is a great color for nutrition, the darker the better.  This juice is packed with vitamin C, potassium, protein, and more.  Have you heard all the buzz about celery?  It helps lower cholesterol, contains Vitamin K & C, Folate, small amounts of Potassium, calcium and protein ….  RAWSOME!!

Cucumber Green

Yield: 1 pint

  • 1 large Cucumber
  • 1 medium green Apple, sliced
  • 3 large Chard leaves
  • 3 large Lacinato or other Kale leaves
  • 8 Romaine Lettuce leaves
  • 3-4 stalks Celery
  • YL dill essential oil, optional

1.  Extract the produce through a juicer, saving the celery for last.

2. Stir in 2 drops dill essential oil.


Adapted from The Raw Food Feast by Mandilyn Canistelle.

Drink it and enjoy!


Luv ya,


A Great “Pick-me-up”

While juicing I found that a was running a little slow in the afternoon.  I tried this juice and found that it was just what I needed.  This is high in vitamin C (among other things).


Yield: 1 pint

3 medium Oranges, halved

1 Grapefruit, halved

1 Lemon, halved

YL ginger, lemon orange and grapefruit essential oils, 2 drops each


1. Use a citrus juicer to juice the fruit.

2. Add 2 drops of each essential oil and stir.  Can pour over ice just prior to drinking.

Adapted from “The Raw Food Feast” by Mandilyn Canistelle.  Thanks, Mandilyn.

Drink and enjoy!

Luv ya!


YL is Young Living Essential Oils – click link on my wesite to learn more.



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